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BEHRINGER XD-8USB 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 123 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets and USB Interface (XD8USB)
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Size (L x W x H) 84 cm x 59 cm x 34 cm
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8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 123 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets and USB Interface


Behringer's XD8USB electronic drum set gets you pounding out great-sounding grooves, right out of the box. Super easy to set up, the XD8USB comes complete with rack, hardware, and the great sound of the HDS110USB. You'll be more expressive than ever with dual-zone pads, 12" cymbals, a hi-hat trigger pedal, and a complete kick drum setup that includes the pedal, pad, and stand.


* 8-piece electronic drum set with HDS110USB sound module ships ready to rock
* 10 factory presets plus 5 user-customizable drum sets
* USB interface to connect with any virtual instrument and drum software
* High Definition Sampling (HDS) technology provides an authentic drumming experience
* 123 studio-grade drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds for you to play with
* Realistic and natural playing pads and cymbals make transitioning between electric and acoustic easy
* Dual-zone snare pad for drumhead and rim playing techniques
* Audio input to play along with your favorite songs
* Audio output to get you into the mix or feed an amplifier
* Headphone output for silent practice options


* Total number of pads: 8
* Included Snare / Tom pads: 3 x 8" Single-Zone Tom, 1 x 8" Dual-Zone Snare
* Included Cymbal pads: 3 x 12" Cymbals
* Included Drum module: HDS110USB
* Number of drum kits: 10 presets, 5 user-programmable
* Number of instruments: 123 sounds
* Module trigger inputs: 1 x DB25 (multi-pin breakout cable included)
* Module analog inputs: 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
* Module analog outputs: 1 x 1/4"(output), 1 x 1/8"(headphones)
* Module MIDI I/O: USB
* Included hardware: 1 x kick pedal with stand, 1 x hi-hat pedal, 1 x drum rack with mounting hardware 


* Packaging size: 84cm x 59cm x 34cm
* Packaging weight: 20.8kg